Repairing computers for over 30 years!

Friendly, knowledgeable, quality Tech Support.

Systems Administration is the key to problem-free computing.

Emergency Response

When systems go down, revenue is lost. Emergency Response contract clients receive the highest priority response in the event of an outage.  Often within minutes, guaranteed in under two hours!

Project Management

 When upgrading or installing new hardware or software systems, most small businesses don’t have the expertise necessary to understand all of the technology and insure a smooth implementation.  Our Project Management Services provide that help, working directly with your vendors on your behalf. 

Disaster Recovery Planning

If a business suffers a disaster, (natural, environmental, or man-made,) the impact to the business can be minimized with a proper Disaster Recovery Plan.  Schedule a consultation today and let us help your business mitigate the risks of a disaster. 

PCI Compliance

Reduce your PCI compliance burden with an administrator to handle auditing and vulnerability scanning.